About Us

We do things a bit differently, and that’s the way our customers like it!

Paul Locke Landlord Agent

Our Team

At Landlord Insurance Agent, our team is comprised of those that understand the Landlord’s insurance needs and WANTS.  From the desired coverage amount, coverage options, pricing, flexibility in ownership, and payment solutions, our team keeps these things in mind while meeting the landlord needs.

Our Story

It is true, the agency owner, Paul Locke, did have his tenant burn his rental home.   That is just part of the story.  Paul’s dad owned one of Atlanta’s larger single family property management companies.   Paul grew up with an investor, renovating homes, doing move-in inspections and move-out inspections, evictions, and working in the myriad other property management roles.

Knowing your business, knowing your concerns, and insuring your investment is what we do.   Are you an accidental landlord? We have a multitude of great solutions for you too!