Named Insured

We can insure any entity type as a NAMED insured:

  • 401k Pension Plan
  • LLC
  • Corporation
  • Land Trust
  • Trust
  • MULTIPLE names
  • an Estate

Named Insured is traditionally reserved for those that own the property or are directly engaged in the managing of the property.  Example: State Farm and Travelers define the “Insured” in the first few paragraphs of the policy to include the owner and the entity responsible to manage the home on behalf of the owner.

Many companies like Allstate and MANY others will only define these alternate entity types as “additional insured”.   That is not the same level of coverage and confuses who is the owner of the home.   The policy should include the owner as a “Named Insured”.

At Landlord Insurance Agent, we insure OWNERS as “Named Insured”… We do not configure policies to “additionally insure” owners of a property as the only policy coverage.

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