Paul Locke Landlord AgentIn 2004, my tenant burned my home!  My insurance agent never called me or assisted in the claims process.

In 2005, I started an insurance agency working primarily with tenant occupied homes, tenants, and contractors working on those homes.

What makes My Agency the right choice for your needs:

  • The agency owner understands your business! Paul Locke grew up working in the property management business and his father, Robert Locke, sold his property management business and now trains property managers.
  • 12+ years in the Landlord insurance business and has owned several rental homes.
  • Representing the convenience and pricing of 15+ other Landlord and Vacant  Insurance solutions.
  • Dedicated Landlord specific client services
    • Property ownership in any form as NAMED INSURED- trust, 401k, LLC, corporation, individuals, estate, probate or bank owned, and more.
    • Property Managers are additionally insured at no additional cost.
    • We assist in monthly billing, yearly billing,  Mortgagee billing, or Property Manager Owner billing.
    • Provide digital coverage documents for your property owner's insurance needs
    • CLAIMS assistance from an agency owner that understands the concerns and needs of the home owner, Real Estate Investor and Property Manager.
    • No surcharges for No Prior coverage or lapse in coverage

Ask Paul Locke how!  Call me: 912-225-6000 or e-mail at:

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