Me to You Tuesday

Me To You Tuesday

Paul Locke Landlord Agent
Rarely do you see a single person addressing YOU on the internet.  “Me to You Tuesday” is my effort to address YOU and potentially YOUR need and hopes.

Each day you pay insurance and each renewal the payment is a little higher.  You call the agent and they try to change coverage or reduce coverage or raise your deductible to make you happy and save you money.  While at the same time, leaving you holding more of the bill when a claim occurs.

On, Me To You Tuesday, let’s consider changing that scenario!  Find an Independent insurance agent like ME and get quotes from a variety of carriers.  See who really wants your business.

Don’t take high premium excuses like:

  • I had a DUI so I know my premium will be high
  • I had a lapse in coverage so now my rate doubled
  • My daughter or son started driving so now my rate is INSANE
  • For the BEST rate on my home I HAVE To have my auto insurance with the same company
  • Your accident resulted a premium hike that is now 2+ years ago.
  • My Ex had an accident on my policy and my rate is still HIGH.
  • Pay in full or a 4 pay is the only options.  EFT is required.
  • My rental has an older roof or a claim due to my tenant’s error.

There are many reasons insurance companies give to raise your rate, reduce coverage, and HOPE you will not shop.

From Me to You Tuesday, do yourself a favor.  Contact us for coverage that WINS and Pricing that gets closer to your NEED and HOPE!

Call ME! Paul Locke 912-225-6000 or fill-in the contact information below and be assured that ONLY “ME” will get the data!

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