Me 2 You Tuesday

Me To You Tuesday

Paul Locke Landlord Agent
Home Insurance – Basics

Wow… Where did the week go. It is LATE on a Tuesday and I have missed sending out my “Me To You Tuesday” update.   So here we go..

Did you know that those with Home, Renters, or Landlord Insurance RARELY review their insurance cost?  Why? Because the mortgage company pays for it or the cost is included in their rent.

Finding your policy.. Knowing coverage issues and deductibles can be too much to wrangle.. NO TIME..   I get it.   As property taxes go up, as insurance rates increase, as deductibles to change to percentages vs stated numbers.   Take a moment this week and give your assurance of coverage a review!

Stop Assuming your policy today is the same solution that was originally provided

Stop ASSUMING your policy, as provided by the “captive agent” (an Agent that only represents one insurance company), is the same solution that you were originally sold.  Carriers have been changing deductibles, changing coverage, and limiting coverage based on the aging process of the home.  Example: a home insured 5 years ago with a carrier provided Replacement Cost coverage on the 6 year old roof.  Now that the roof is 10+ years old, the coverage reverted to “ACV” coverage.  Are you ready for the added the added cost at time of a claim?  Good News! Our agency has carriers that STILL provides roof replacement cost coverage of roofs older than 11 years.

The nation’s largest carrier has changed deductibles on their policies from stated deductibles- $500.00, $1,000.00, etc to 1%, 2%, etc.   Are you aware of that change?  The deductible change is often times outline at the bottom of the page in paperwork that is not readily seen.    A 250,000 home with a single loss would have a $2,500.00 or a $5,000.00 cost with a 1% or 2% deductible.

What does the process look like to change carriers mid year or even at renewal?  The process is made easy with our team of professionals.   More importantly, we provide GREAT competitive solutions with no pressure.    Learn how too you can make the change to a new carrier, pay that new policy, and put a $100-$500.00 into your pocket!

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